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How to create a new beauty salon?

Recollect, how still more recently we with pleasant surprise found out, that in cavern a uncomfortable hall of a district clinic or in habitually gloomy hairdressing salon the tiny beauty shop equipped by the inexpensive Polish or Taiwan equipment, a small couch and variegated cosmetics has suddenly opened...

Today in Moscow every month opens two-rub beauty salons. There were the firms, engaged designing and the equipment of interiors and the centers of aesthetic medicine "on a turn-key basis". In capital work about 700 beauty salons and hairdressing salons which monthly profit is estimated tens millions dollars. The centers of beauty, by estimations of experts in marketing, - one of the most perspective, prestigious, quickly paid back and constantly extending spheres of business.

Each woman wishes to be beautiful

 Each woman wishes to be effective. Each woman wishes to draw attention. And the modern woman has a weight of opportunities for this purpose.
Shaping and the sun decks, traditional manicure and pedicure or ultramodern piercing, escalating of nails, fashionable clothes, original hairdresses and colouring of hair - works as all this on image of the woman of a new century.

The workshop of beauty of Alexey Mitrofanova welcomes you!

At all times the person had a need for leaving and transformation of hair and bodies.
Beauty salons promptly develop and what to offer you the best our beauty salon constantly searches and masters new technologies for achievement of an ideal image.

Beauty salon

Bred on highway Rublevskom, studio of beauty "АН2О" stylish and very cosy simultaneously. The interior in style «glamour», a warm atmosphere and the affable personnel - involves all this here not only inhabitants  at home, but also persons watching self from all Moscow. Here all is thought over and is functional, and the personnel really in a rate of the latest tendencies of the world of beauty.


The main thing - a serious spirit. A leather of the person - a mirror of a state of health of all organism, therefore in "Myrtle" constantly support close contact to doctors of narrow specializations. Cosmetic procedures are appointed only after careful preliminary diagnostics. Such approach to the decision of cosmetic problems always gives fine result. Employees of this interior at all do not like to give superficial promises.

Neck and hands most quickly grow old

Neck and hands most quickly grow old. This, alas, sad true women know all. Sooner or later, having looked at the image in a mirror we with disappointment notice: folds on a neck remind an accordion, the second chin has painfully drooped, the oval of the person only partly reminds an oval, and the leather in the field of a decollete is more likely similar to the crumpled grid-string-bag.

Spots at teenagers

There have come a vacation, and with them and the most suitable time for parents to deal with problems of the children-teenagers. And teenagers can think of themselves and about the health. Probably it is necessary to prove nobody, that one of the most "sick" themes for teenagers at this age are spots.

Ttreatment by ozone

Recently in cosmetology methods of influence on a leather the medicine taken from another areas are widely used. One of such directions is treatment by ozone.
In medicine ozone is used about 50 years.
Ozone is the modified form of oxygen, a strong natural oxidizer that explains its high reactionary ability.


Mezotherapy is a technics of introduction of special cocktails under a leather, microdozes thin and short needles, on depth from 1 4 mm.
As entered preparations are used:
o           Chemist's preparations - vitamins, microcells, biologically active cocktails strengthening vessels and a leather, rendering toning up, action;
o           Special мезотерапевтические the preparations of French firm " Filorga " resolved to application in territory of Russia.

Chemical peeling

Ability to regeneration - the major property of a leather. That fact, that damage of a leather activates process of regeneration, was known since the most ancient times. Methods of a dermatological chemical peeling have appeared in the Europe from the end of 19 centuries.

The chemical peeling is an acceleration, activization natural leather.

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nutritious masks
After clarification, it is necessary to feed up our leather vitamin. For this purpose, besides use of nutritious creams for a leather, it is very good to apply special nutritious masks to the person. We shall prepare for them independently, on the basis of tasty and useful products, and we shall and put them three times a week.

Rehrevf, owing to the medical properties - anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it is used in preparation of masks for the person, basically at reddenings on the person. Rehrevf possesses expressed effect, promotes fast healing of wounds, scars, improves a complexion. Strong antiseptics, - removes an itch and irritations of a leather. Rehrevf in masks use for treatment of inflammatory processes on a leather of the person, smoothing of fine wrinkles, healing, maintenance of inflow of blood.

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers. Health , beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

Stars cannot eternally find to themselves employment on a shower, and rush from an extreme measure to an extreme measure. Now the Hollywood celebrities quickly do to themselves so-called white tattoo, become extremely popular in star beau monde. For example, similar tattoo the famous red knave Lindsej Lohan and not less known supermodel Kejt Moss have already made to itself.