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Beauty salon de BRING down, cosmetic studio in Moscow.

   Today the best Beauty salons in Moscow struggle for the right to make you bright, self-assured, graceful and irresistable. Modern care of hair, nails and a leather, original hairdresses, various procedures on clearing and improvement of an organism - an arsenal of means is extensive, and at correct application will necessarily lead to magic transformation. In our interior you all in some hours will transform from the Cinderella into the charming, refined princess, queen of any evening. Believe, today it is possible, in fact really good studio of beauty in Moscow can become for you the kind fairy.

Tolyatti. Complex care of a body

Natural beauty of a leather - the main riches of the woman. And the desire of any woman to have attractive appearance is eternal and the most natural. Here again its natural beauty: radiant eyes, белозубую a smile and сияющую health and a youth I drive - will not replace any skilful modern means.

Visiting of a beauty salon always a holiday!

And a holiday doubly if you meet with love, attention and care. The Beauty salon "Kleopatra" is the present magic world where it is possible to relax, have a rest and leave completely from all cares and excitements! The Professional diplomaed masters will help to open your natural beauty, will emphasize individuality and will create stylish unique shape

Beauty salons. Cosmetic procedures. lpg massage.

Many of us think of cosmetic procedures, as a rule, in the spring. Though it and is not correct, but in fact that this spring is time year when it would be desirable to get rid of a winter somnolence and to put into itself the order. And it is not casual all therefore ahead holiday and much would like to result themselves in the form and to get rid of a cellulitis and from superfluous fats, slags

Fitness club of the Mango

   Welcome in fitness-club "Mango"! We Invite you in the center of health, beauty and fine mood! Fitness club "Mango" is a cosy corner in the center of Moscow where you can devote a free time only to yourselves


    It is necessary to approach to formation of own body thoroughly and to think over all aspects of achievement of the good physical form - from trainings before a feed. Only application of the complex approach will help to achieve good results. Health and beauty of a body are formed of two components: the correct balanced feed and competently constructed trainings.


« Ugly women are not present, there are only women with a bad leather »
(The French saying)

What woman does not wish to be beautiful?
Silly question which the man can set only.
The sensation of happiness at women depends on, whether well it looks.

To you will not be equal

Stylish, beautiful, self-assured people - as a rule, are successful. It and it is no wonder, in fact attractive appearance promotes the prompt establishment of warm mutual relations with strangers, fellow workers or partners, and also is a determinative in many vital situations, including at the device for work

Ultrasonic therapy

    In our beauty salon cosmeticians work on the modern device of ultrasonic therapy for care of a body, a leather of the person, a neck and a zone of a decollete. Accessible and comfortable for the client there is a procedure of a peeling, and micromassage of fabrics.

Electric epilation in interior " Seda "

The interior electric epilation «Seda» offers a wide spectrum of services under the legend to your leather of the present royal freshness and cleanliness! Skilled experts of interior spend such procedures, as electric epilation, bioepilation and epilation sugar. Our interior carries out also a number of the general cosmetic procedures which are directed on elimination of superfluous fatty adjournment, wrinkles and bags under eyes; it is offered to clients effective ways of removal of a cellulitis.

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natural cosmetics
If at you the open times, a fat or dry leather, hypostases, wrinkles, pigmentary spots, freckles, dark circles under eyes and if you wish to improve a condition of the leather, Unique natural cosmetics natural cosmetics for any types of a leather, will help you with it. After that your leather becomes pure, gentle, fresh. The cosmetics will suspend ageing your leather.

At a normal leather the simple honey mask when honey is put on preliminary cleared leather of the person, in a steam bath will approach. Wash off a mask in 15 minutes by means of a wadded tampon all over again warm, and then cold water. Having mixed 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 dessertspoon of a lemon juice, receive a mask for a fat leather. It put on a leather of the person for 15-20 minutes.

beauty salons
For today in territory of city of Moscow there is the hugest quantity of professional beauty salons . It is even more interiors which name itself professional, and actually are the companies-somethings ephemeral. The most insulting that quite often they use for the branches popular and names .

Stars cannot eternally find to themselves employment on a shower, and rush from an extreme measure to an extreme measure. Now the Hollywood celebrities quickly do to themselves so-called white tattoo, become extremely popular in star beau monde. For example, similar tattoo the famous red knave Lindsej Lohan and not less known supermodel Kejt Moss have already made to itself.