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Permanent tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo is a revolutionary complex of services of modern cosmetology, a make-up and tattoo which allows to look always excellent! The permanent make-up does the woman more confident, and its appearance - attractive to associates.

Reddening of the person: how to hide and how to struggle with a redness?

Reddening of a leather of the person, even time, testifies to problems with capillaries more often. Sharp fine vessels at their fragility causes their expansion. As a result on the person appears time red spots, and then vascular asterisks or and pink are formed. More often the redness on the person disturbs women after 30-35 years. Women with a light, sensitive leather especially suffer.
Why the person reddens?

Massage of the person, neck and zone of a decollete «Vivaton»

Recently we anew study to love and appreciate products, manual work, an individual approach - name as want. We study to enjoy a swift-flowing life. Massage «Vivaton» - just on this theme. It not only is effective and useful, it in itself - celebratory event of your day.

How to open a beauty salon

Women always aspire to look beautiful and young. For this purpose they do not regret money (it is frequent - another's time. It is the eternal factor of "beautiful" business. Now about the factor time. Demand for cosmetic services carries a seasonal nature.

What beauty salon to choose?

Even it is difficult to men to present themselves as heats to the woman a soul consciousness of that on light there is a place where any imaginations on transformation of the appearance, where can be embodied, having lead all hour-two of time, it is possible to feel safely queen, firmly knowing, that your hair, the person and hands are faultless

Beauty salon in your house: it is new, favourably, conveniently

Today almost each interested person can have in the house an exercise room, a sun deck, a jacuzzi and even own masseur in the form of various electroadaptations.  Almost everything, that is necessary for the person for care of the health and a body. Now you at home will have also a presentprofessional beauty salon!  

RESCUE of a leather: house scrub

To arrange the present pleasure for a leather, not having spent greater means on dear scrub in beautiful jars? Easily. Closely we look, that at us is on kitchen, and we arrange спа-interior at home. The main thing - for some time to get rid of noisy members of family that nobody prevented to be betraid to luxury

How to become princess in this summer without a pain, expenditure and without a diet

Summer in a heat, and ladies go mad in searches of the means that in short terms to become irresistable. Why so to be important a unearthly beauty in holiday, instead of within all year, do not ask. Our female mentality is those.

About fans of joint activity

With manic persistence of the woman continue to call up, wait daily each other, « that it was not boring »...
From childhood cannot suffer loneliness. For any business it searches for the company beauty salon. The prospect to do one does not impress something it absolutely. One it is boring. It is necessary with somebody.


Liposuction - an operative method of vacuum removal of hypodermic fat after its mechanical or ultrasonic destruction. For last years liposuction has turned to the most widespread aesthetic operation in the developed countries of the world. For example, in the USA it is annually carried out nearby 300 thousand such operations, and in Germany - there are more than 60 thousand Liposuction.

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nutritious masks
After clarification, it is necessary to feed up our leather vitamin. For this purpose, besides use of nutritious creams for a leather, it is very good to apply special nutritious masks to the person. We shall prepare for them independently, on the basis of tasty and useful products, and we shall and put them three times a week.

Rehrevf, owing to the medical properties - anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it is used in preparation of masks for the person, basically at reddenings on the person. Rehrevf possesses expressed effect, promotes fast healing of wounds, scars, improves a complexion. Strong antiseptics, - removes an itch and irritations of a leather. Rehrevf in masks use for treatment of inflammatory processes on a leather of the person, smoothing of fine wrinkles, healing, maintenance of inflow of blood.

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers. Health , beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

Stars cannot eternally find to themselves employment on a shower, and rush from an extreme measure to an extreme measure. Now the Hollywood celebrities quickly do to themselves so-called white tattoo, become extremely popular in star beau monde. For example, similar tattoo the famous red knave Lindsej Lohan and not less known supermodel Kejt Moss have already made to itself.