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The young and combined leather

From what age it is possible to use cosmetics? Since a birth! Only the cream should correspond to age and problems. Protection as its own it is still imperfect is required to the baby. And the leather of the young man already demands steadfast attention and careful leaving which will prevent development youthful, superfluous greasiness, will give to a leather ideally equal color and smoothness.

Solar Botox

Solar Botox: struggle against " goose paws ", treatment necks. Mezotherapy- a universal method of cosmetology.

The years sun will be only in pleasure! Botox will clean "solar" in beauty salon. The bright years sun pleases: we is fervent щуримся, looking at the is bright-dark blue sky, and joyfully we smile. However consequences of good mood become in corners of lips, « goose paws », on a forehead or nose bridge

Restoration after summer

Irina Tkacheva, the doctor-dermatocosmetolog of a beauty salon Morgan's Veil - about regenerative cosmetologic programs for the person.
Irina, name, please, the basic problems of a leather which are shown after the years period.
The basic problems is a dryness of a leather, hyperpigmentation, photoageing, an aggravation rashes.

Beauty salon in Moscow

Classical beauty salon
To remain fashionable!
Today it is fashionable to be healthy and beautiful!
Only in cosy conditions of our beauty salon you will feel attention and care of the personnel. Estimate the highest quality of service at reasonable prices!

Cleaning of the person

Our person is least protected by clothes from influence of an environment, from a bad weather, from a dust, a dirt and other pollution. For this reason cleaning of the person and professional is necessary for our person. To carry out it it is necessary with the certain periodicity which to you will be appointed by the expert depending on type of your leather

The beauty salon «Raffine»

 the Combination of the newest technologies and the traditional techniques which have been checked up by long-term experience, is a basis for the successful decision of any problems, especially if business concerns beauty and creations of new bright remembered image. As is known, attractive appearance composes of a well-groomed healthy leather, a harmonous figure, magnificent hair.

Medical grasses for health of a leather

During many centuries of people always interested and caused concern a condition of own leather of the person and a body. Beginning from an antiquity, the majority or to tell more precisely, almost all problems with a leather of a body were solved medical grasses. Eventually, the modern medicine in the field of cosmetology and care of a leather has stepped far forward, there were the most up-to-date synthetic preparations

Bio Interior in beauty salon

All of us different also we shall be those always, therefore individuality and originality of our Biointerior is directed on the decision of problems of a leather of a head and structure of hair. These qualities - our victorious weapon and a way on which we go to the future!


ELOS-rejuvenation is the most sparing for today, a technique rejuvenation, guaranteeing full safety for health. Its efficiency is confirmed with leading cosmeticians of America, Canada, France, Israel and other countries.

Massage in beauty salon

Massage in beauty salon (occurs from a latin word massa - sticking to fingers) is a medical technique which includes huge quantity of the receptions rendering mechanical. And also reflex influence on bodies and fabrics. Modern massage intensively develops in various directions.

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nutritious masks
After clarification, it is necessary to feed up our leather vitamin. For this purpose, besides use of nutritious creams for a leather, it is very good to apply special nutritious masks to the person. We shall prepare for them independently, on the basis of tasty and useful products, and we shall and put them three times a week.

Clears a leather of the person of any type, protects from drying, does its soft, elastic, elastic washing by means of vegetable oil. Moisten a wadded tampon in hot water, wring out, then dip it into oil. Oil can be any: olive, sunflower, corn, peach. Wipe this tampon a leather of the person and a neck. In 1-2 minutes oil remove the wadded tampon moistened in broth of grasses, tea, or the boiled water mixed half-and-half with any fruit juice.

summer 2010
Spring - the best time for that what cardinally to change the image! So with what it is necessary to begin? Certainly, from a hairdress! The blessing in a season spring - the summer 2010 , leading houses of a fashion have offered variants of fashionable hairdresses on any, even the most courageous taste.

As always, in the beginning of spring the majority of women decide to get on a a diet . Certainly the desire creditable, however the majority of them in aspiration to dump is as much as possible kgs, suppose a number of mistakes which can cost it of health. Naturally everyone wishes to reach the maximal result for minimal time, on - to it of 55 % growing thin, prefer the express train - diets?