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How to create a new beauty salon?

Recollect, how still more recently we with pleasant surprise found out, that in cavern a uncomfortable hall of a district clinic or in habitually gloomy hairdressing salon the tiny beauty shop equipped by the inexpensive Polish or Taiwan equipment, a small couch and variegated cosmetics has suddenly opened...

Today in Moscow every month opens two-rub beauty salons. There were the firms, engaged designing and the equipment of interiors and the centers of aesthetic medicine "on a turn-key basis". In capital work about 700 beauty salons and hairdressing salons which monthly profit is estimated tens millions dollars. The centers of beauty, by estimations of experts in marketing, - one of the most perspective, prestigious, quickly paid back and constantly extending spheres of business.

Whether there is a formula, a certain basic concept which strict following provides to the future owner of interior obvious success? At what arrangement of accents of an investment of money will pay back and begin to make a profit, and what can serve as the reason of failure?

The concept of a Beauty salon is a multifactorial dependence of a lot composed, careful and which embodiment guarantees successful work the center. So experts who project speak and equip interiors "on a turn-key basis", down to training the personnel and consultations concerning management and business - planning.

Conceiving opening of interior, it is necessary to consider cost of initial expenses and terms of their return. On designing, design and the equipment of a beauty salon of an average level it is required from $100 000, топ a class up to $300 000, on the center aesthetic -up to $650000. Similar means the businessmen already owning profitable business and opening interior as parallel business, as a rule, possess. Such customers at suppliers of professional cosmetics and the equipment the majority.

Professionals of cosmetic business - hairdressers and the visagistes operating and already owning interiors and the centers of beauty, also possess unconditional advantages before beginners, (constant clients enable to save on advertising promotion and training of the personnel).

Beginning cosmetic business from zero, it is necessary to understand, that the first half a year the opportunity of work at a loss is not excluded. In opinion of owners of the successful enterprises, the interior starts to give steady profit for the second-third year of work due to the developed circle of constant clients (1200-1500 person quite enough for reduction of expenses for advertising support).

Opening interior, its owner should provide the whole complex of the measures entering into the so-called objective factor. What is such? Spoken by language of designers, - optimization of use of an available area.

Projecting the enterprise, already it is necessary to have the uniform concept - from a class, advantages of an arrangement and the architectural project up to a complete set the equipment, the equipment and professional cosmetic means.

Proceeding from on what client the interior will be focused, it is possible to define its site (the prestigious center or sleeping area), the manufacturer and the supplier of the equipment, the designer and repair firm. The interior - a class for the provided clients will pull, as has already been told, a minimum on $ 300 000. In this sum cost of qualitative and stylish repair, the professional equipment of leading manufacturers, the complete set of the equipment and a starting line of dear trade marks of professional cosmetics is pawned. For interior of economy class it is possible to pick up the domestic equipment, the price on which on the order below; to make good, but not dear repair; to save on account materials.

Selection of the personnel
It is clear, that the success of interior in much depends on business qualities of its owner or operating, and also a professional level of the personnel in which selection at an initial stage the expert should be engaged. Such expert can essentially help at competitive selection of candidates, having estimated their qualification from height of own experience that will allow to avoid mistakes at the most responsible stage of work - formation of clientele.

For anybody not a secret that there is a practice of buying up of workers at competitors. However in such expert there can not be an absolute confidence - "deserter" can leave at any moment, having taken away and the clients. Therefore owners of taken place interiors recommend to rely on the forces and to not regret expenses for preparation of own experts.

Improvement of professional skill
Improvement of professional skill of any employee (training to work with the new equipment and techniques, acquaintance to progressive technologies) - necessary clause of constant charges, investment in success.

That in subtleties to master cosmetics of the certain firm, the master should train at the manufacturer, visit laboratory, test all preparations. Thoroughly to fulfil all nuances of a cosmetic line, the cosmetician needs to type experience within one and a half-two years. Training abroad, participation in seminars and the master - classes, performance in various programs is and deducing of the expert on a high professional level and far-sighted strategy.

The opportunity to satisfy professional ambitions plus adequate material compensation - weighty occasions for the expert to be a happy workplace. It would Seem, these are elements of work with people, however this composed concepts of interior, in opinion of experts, serves one of the main components of its success.

Readiness to offer
Cosmetology - promptly developing branch, conservatism and inertness on this floor are equivalent to a failure. Being based on experience of successful interiors, analytics recommend beginners of times to offer during a season new procedures and cosmetic lines. If this moment does not become one of components of the concept of an opening interior, clients will quickly lose to it interest and will leave to the competitor.

And last moment - advertising and marketing actions. Considering own investments in an institution and monthly charges on wages of employees, account materials. A rent and so forth, the owner establishes determined prices of services. Experience of already taken place enterprises testifies, that for attraction of clients firstly it is necessary to lower slightly a rod, having established that competitive prices.

After a while it is possible to develop system of discounts for constant clients (for example, 20 % at increase of the prices for 15 %) and special offers. Thinking over advertising of interior, it is necessary to define carefully a circle - a class advertising in dear glossy editions is necessary to interior, and the interior - a class will more quickly find the clients by means of local telechannels and regional press.

One more detail of the concept interior, it stimulus for the client to come back here again and again. In opinion of professionals business, is better to open interior on five workplaces, offering the most widespread services: a hairstyle and care of hair, cosmetology, care of a body, manicure, a pedicure. Thus it is very important to find own highlight which clients at once would estimate. It can be expensive pleasures like a horizontal sun deck, laser a peeling or a hardware pedicure. Probably, not each untwisted competitor has means for purchase of the similar equipment. Them can not be and at you. Therefore at all it is unessential to get into debts for purchase of dear equipment. However at planning a premise it is necessary to provide necessarily an opportunity  a sun deck or a massage cabinet in process of becoming. For the beginning it is possible to generate a so-called package of special offers on the basis of existing services.

Man's cosmetology - one of the most perspective branches business, experts in marketing working in this sphere consider. Hairdresser's services, manicure, a pedicure, massage, a sun deck - already settled list of services, on which man are ready to agree, having won the constraint and conservatism. At work with a strong half of mankind very important correctly to plan a premise, to provide the closed zone, and to choose not only qualified, but also the charming master.

The program for children (hairdresser's services, massage, care of a sensitive or problem teenage leather) with granting corresponding discounts and appropriate image of the issued workplace can become extraordinary attractive moment of visiting of interior for any lady. By the way, in enterprising America the majority of the interiors settling down in residential areas and focused on average layers, offer the visitors a special package deal "mum-daughter" under the special prices


Cosmeticians for a long time have come to conclusion, that it is better to morning washings by the chlorinated water to prefer wiping of the person by slices of a cosmetic ice. Speak, that so empress Ekaterina II, till an old age kept a smooth leather and a fresh complexion acted.

For this purpose the various auxiliary material is necessary: or flat, firm enough brush, , deep, small color towels (with white it is difficult to deduce spots), a gauze, the wadded tampons, cut by squares, a glass of warm water, a pocket mirror. All this is good for having on a little table put near to an ottoman. The greater pillow will be necessary also. When you, having imposed on the person a mask , will lay down on an ottoman, enclose it under legs.

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers. Health , beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

summer 2010
Not looking at that in the street on former the snow lays, and temperature behind a window it is far not spring, ideas about forthcoming warm days heat soul. In this connection we suggest you to get acquainted with fashionable tendencies in a make-up of a season spring - summer 2010 that with approach of the present spring!