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Each woman wishes to be beautiful

 Each woman wishes to be effective. Each woman wishes to draw attention. And the modern woman has a weight of opportunities for this purpose.
Shaping and the sun decks, traditional manicure and pedicure or ultramodern piercing, escalating of nails, fashionable clothes, original hairdresses and colouring of hair - works as all this on image of the woman of a new century.

But there is no in its image of a detail of more important, than a make-up.
The modern woman devotes a make-up a lot of time. For a make-up the modern woman buys rather dear components. And every day it spends a lot of time that by means of a make-up to create that image which it wishes to show associates.
Thus of woman who often change the image, the image and the shape - a greater rarity.
As a rule, the woman a trial and error method creates to itself a constant image and tries to correspond to it. And it means, that every day it imposes the same constant make-up on the person, and within day is compelled to care of keeping the appearance invariable fine.
Permanent make-up
The permanent make-up is a modern technology which allows to make up not a leather, and under a leather, in the top layer where it can keep beyond all bounds long.
In a basis of technology of a permanent make-up lays permanent татуаж.
The method permanent is based on the same principles, as drawing of usual tattooes. However there are also essential differences. The permanent make-up is put by the help of the special equipment, and the needle mentions only the uppermost layer of a leather. Therefore operation on drawing a permanent make-up is practically painless, and the permanent make-up can be removed rather easily - naturally, too by means of the special equipment.
In natural conditions the permanent make-up is not washed off and does not grow dull. The pigment entered under a leather during permanent татуажа, is kept infinitely long.
By means of a permanent make-up it is possible to emphasize a line of eyebrowes, contours of lips, outlines of eyes, and also contours of the person. Permanent not only carries out a role of a permanent make-up, but also does the person visually is younger.
The permanent make-up allows to replace completely usual cosmetics that is especially actual for those women who test an allergy for cosmetic production or cannot simply master a subtlety of a uneasy science of a usual make-up.
Experts in the field of a permanent make-up are ready not only to execute permanent татуаж, but also to help with a choice of the most effective image then it is necessary to fix only this image by means of permanent татуажа.
And on the other hand, permanent it is quite compatible to a usual make-up. And in this case the permanent make-up and usual cosmetics can supplement each other in the most various combinations, and permanent татуаж will emphasize constant features, and a usual make-up - original, allowing to change image depending on plans per day or evening or depending on mood. More in detail about a permanent make-up...
Colouring of hair
If a permanent make-up and permanent татуаж are intended for creation of a constant image colouring of hair - the best way quickly to change image in Studio of hair of our interior. Presently colouring of hair uses the majority of women, both young, and mature.
Many women practise colouring hair in house conditions. However it - is far not the best variant.
Mistakes at any stage of colouring of hair can lead to that hair will be got with a wrong shade or a paint will not keep.

Therefore colouring of hair is better for spending in a Beauty salon where experts will lead all procedure professionally, with use of the best materials and with the guaranteed qualitative result. More in detail about colouring hair...
Escalating of nails
Nails - a subject of special pride of women. Well-groomed long nails with original manicure like men and cause envy in girlfriends. And escalating of nails rather promotes it.
Escalating of nails can be carried out by two ways.
The first is an escalating nails by means of plastic типсы, and the second - escalating of nails with use of a glossy paper. Thus acryle or special gel can be used. In the first case (with use of acryle) escalating of nails turns out a little more reliable, but gel is much more safe - it excludes damages at escalating nails and allows a nail to breathe.
Our services
Permanent make-up. The basic specialization of our beauty salon is the permanent make-up and permanent татуаж. Skilled professionals in the field of a permanent make-up carry out permanent татуаж persons, eyebrowes, lips and eyes, and also other parts of the person and a body with application of the advanced equipment. We guarantee painlessness of drawing of a permanent make-up and irresistable effect of your new image.
Nail cosmetics. Our experts in the field of nail cosmetics offer clients all spectrum of services on care of nails and a leather of hands and legs, including escalating of nails, and also usual both art manicure and a pedicure.
Colouring of hair. Our beauty salon renders professional services on care of hair and colouring of hair, including restoration of the damaged hair (including after unsuccessful colouring).


beauty and health
Who begins to argue, what the beauty and health are indissolubly connected? What the person, healthy both a body and spirit is rather fine only?

Rehrevf, owing to the medical properties - anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it is used in preparation of masks for the person, basically at reddenings on the person. Rehrevf possesses expressed effect, promotes fast healing of wounds, scars, improves a complexion. Strong antiseptics, - removes an itch and irritations of a leather. Rehrevf in masks use for treatment of inflammatory processes on a leather of the person, smoothing of fine wrinkles, healing, maintenance of inflow of blood.

beauty salons
For today in territory of city of Moscow there is the hugest quantity of professional beauty salons . It is even more interiors which name itself professional, and actually are the companies-somethings ephemeral. The most insulting that quite often they use for the branches popular and names .

Stars cannot eternally find to themselves employment on a shower, and rush from an extreme measure to an extreme measure. Now the Hollywood celebrities quickly do to themselves so-called white tattoo, become extremely popular in star beau monde. For example, similar tattoo the famous red knave Lindsej Lohan and not less known supermodel Kejt Moss have already made to itself.