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The workshop of beauty of Alexey Mitrofanova welcomes you!

At all times the person had a need for leaving and transformation of hair and bodies.
Beauty salons promptly develop and what to offer you the best our beauty salon constantly searches and masters new technologies for achievement of an ideal image.

Our site is created for your convenience and comfort, not spending it is a lot of time you can learn the detailed information on our interior, the qualified masters, спец offers and discounts for favourite clients, that is for you!

At us an individual approach to each client. For the most important events in a life for you always:
Services of the stylist, hairdresser's services, hairdresses on wedding, wedding manicure.

Owing to wide experience and professionalism of our masters we transform your dreams into a reality.

Our masters have a long-term operational experience in leading capital Beauty salon, х-lux, SPA-interiors, have professional certificates and awards for victories over competitions. In work the modern equipment, cosmetics of XXI century is used, allowing to achieve improbable results. We work with known marks: Lebel (Japan), OPI (USA), Gewol (Germany)

Pleasant conditions, friendly atmosphere will help you to relax, you take pleasure in work of our masters. A massage cabinet, маникюрный a cabinet will inhale in you a new life and all this our beauty salon. Moscow city of contrasts, a competition, especially in the industry of beauty. The most important to not be exchanged, and to find the master and the interior from which you will leave Queen. Make a correct choice.

« The beauty demands victims » - whether so it. For certain everyone was asked by this question, we have found on it the answer « Are not present! », we do not do miracles, only we change and we open your beauty.

With us you awake are irresistable!


beauty and health
Who begins to argue, what the beauty and health are indissolubly connected? What the person, healthy both a body and spirit is rather fine only?

For this purpose the various auxiliary material is necessary: or flat, firm enough brush, , deep, small color towels (with white it is difficult to deduce spots), a gauze, the wadded tampons, cut by squares, a glass of warm water, a pocket mirror. All this is good for having on a little table put near to an ottoman. The greater pillow will be necessary also. When you, having imposed on the person a mask , will lay down on an ottoman, enclose it under legs.

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers. Health , beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

summer 2010
Not looking at that in the street on former the snow lays, and temperature behind a window it is far not spring, ideas about forthcoming warm days heat soul. In this connection we suggest you to get acquainted with fashionable tendencies in a make-up of a season spring - summer 2010 that with approach of the present spring!