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The main thing - a serious spirit. A leather of the person - a mirror of a state of health of all organism, therefore in "Myrtle" constantly support close contact to doctors of narrow specializations. Cosmetic procedures are appointed only after careful preliminary diagnostics. Such approach to the decision of cosmetic problems always gives fine result. Employees of this interior at all do not like to give superficial promises.

Also consider, that the Beauty salon - is not so much gift of the nature, how many regular work. It is necessary to recognize: sounds, not so , but it is fair. And visitors with a serious spirit and the system approach always in interior welcome guests.
In care of a leather of the person, hands and bodies of "Myrtle" offers clients all the advanced physiotherapeutic methods which are applied and in other areas of medicine: ultrasound, пию, микротоковую stimulation, laser therapy, вакумный massage, etc. In an active of cosmeticians of interior and a professional chemical peeling which is spent by means of т acids. The rate physiotherapeutic procedures should be regarded as a first step on a way to successful external transformation. And a following stage - fastening and development of the reached result that assumes active participation from clients. For a long time to put into itself the order, it is necessary to observe the appointed recommendations of the house. All this will by all means lead to the general improvement of a leather and an organism вцелом, and at the same time and to increase of a vitality.
Озонотерапия against a cellulitis and wrinkles. The main principle by which are guided in interior " Myrtle ", is those: do not do much harm. Probably, difficultly and to think up means it is more safe some ozone. Not casually озонотерапия it is widely applied in medicine more than 50-ти years and the order 5-ти years in modern cosmetology. Three-nuclear connection of oxygen, at a level of a leather, is capable to make active development of collagen and эластана - structural fibres , as a result occurs leather, it and smoothing of wrinkles. Besides by means of ozone of the client it is possible to relieve of cosmetic defects - unattractive consequences rashes and inflammatory проссесов on a leather.
With arrival of spring the problem of a cellulitis gets an especial urgency. In interior offer the clients rather hardware method of elimination of developments of stagnation in a hypodermic fatty fabric, changes of its structure and volumes. It is a question about a way: to a special output of an ozonizer it is connected мультиинжектор, and on connecting lines through thin needles it is hypodermically entered озонокислородная a mix which is in regular intervals distributed on all problem zone. During this нетравматичной procedures ozone enters interaction with molecules of fat acids and alters their properties. Break up circuits, waterproof connections turn to less steady - гидрофильные, that leads рассасыванию connecting structures, and finally, to normalization of a metabolism of a fatty cell. If to not abuse high-calorific food and to conduct an active way of life, in parallel with procedures, probably to decrease in volume for some sizes and to be improved in general.
Professionals advise. Those who require recommendations of experts and are ready to follow them, can count on the advisory help "Myrtles". As a reserve it would be desirable to offer some useful advice from employees of this interior, a concerning care of a leather of the person:
To start to use a sun-protection cream it is better in March, with increase in solar activity and for our region to begin better сфильтров from 20. In May to begin late, the undesirable phenomena on a leather already have time to be shown.
The most widespread mistake at attempts of independent care by a leather of the person - a peeling on the steamed out leather. It leads to microtraumas, irritation of healthy cells and as consequence to a peeling and обезвоживанию leather. It is necessary to do a peeling before acceptance of a bath or a sauna.
The porous and polluted leather a leather not necessarily is fat, and is frequent looking after for it as for fat with you only worsen its condition. Concerning correct leaving it is necessary to consult at the cosmetician.
We too shall afford скромненький advice. On a court yard the spring, and or, on the contrary, on inactive самоедство any more does not remain to time for self-complacency. It is time to borrow in itself seriously. As amateur elimination problems to equivalently self-treatment, is better to address for the help to professionals.


Cosmeticians for a long time have come to conclusion, that it is better to morning washings by the chlorinated water to prefer wiping of the person by slices of a cosmetic ice. Speak, that so empress Ekaterina II, till an old age kept a smooth leather and a fresh complexion acted.

For this purpose the various auxiliary material is necessary: or flat, firm enough brush, , deep, small color towels (with white it is difficult to deduce spots), a gauze, the wadded tampons, cut by squares, a glass of warm water, a pocket mirror. All this is good for having on a little table put near to an ottoman. The greater pillow will be necessary also. When you, having imposed on the person a mask , will lay down on an ottoman, enclose it under legs.

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers. Health , beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

The most dangerous food stuffs. It is necessary to eat what products with care? The American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has made the list of the most risky products at which use it is necessary to hold " an ear in sharp ".