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Vanity and run

Vanity and run is that, in what we are plunged, hours, minutes, seconds, escape as sand through fingers.
Health, beauty, it what we wish to possess now and tomorrow - always, but that we do not appreciate today.

All this is given to the majority of us simply so, gift, therefore and has no for us special value. The another matter when it demands from us any expenses and efforts, here then it is valuable! It not simply static concepts is a process, this time which we are lazy or we forget to give to ourselves! Concepts of health and Beauty salon have been indissolubly connected among themselves, the beautiful body always was reflection of a sound body, and on the contrary.
Reflect, and what you would wish to change in yourselves and would like? And what stirs? And actually nothing can stir in desire to be healthy and attractive, except for you. As it is frequent ourselves of it is stopped and we limit to words: « to Me already late », « already nothing will help Me », « It not for me ». We create frameworks and in them and we live.
And so all this just for you! For your confidence, for your beauty. We have tried to create the maximal complex of services which to satisfy all your needs and it is not necessary for this purpose a lot of time, a lot of money, it is accessible also it qualitatively. Because the command of professionals because years selected best of that works that is, in the market of services and consequently that we love that we do for you, dear clients.
Collective KOSMETT brings to your attention the newest technologies of modern cosmetology which have been collected by us, already more than 6 years.
Also, we have brought in our site has undressed - food additives. Many be asked by a question, what attitude biologically active substances concern cosmetology. We shall answer at once, that only at the complex approach to myself and the organism, probably to achieve tremendous results. Biologically active substances offered by us, really carry in themselves, the advantage declared by the manufacturer and effect.
The information on how with us to communicate, you will find in the contact information.
Also, you can visit our FORUM, with the purpose to receive the information on your problem or simply to ask a question interesting you, to the doctor - to the cosmetician (for example: to check up opinions of experts on purpose of procedures or recommendations)


Cosmeticians for a long time have come to conclusion, that it is better to morning washings by the chlorinated water to prefer wiping of the person by slices of a cosmetic ice. Speak, that so empress Ekaterina II, till an old age kept a smooth leather and a fresh complexion acted.

At a normal leather the simple honey mask when honey is put on preliminary cleared leather of the person, in a steam bath will approach. Wash off a mask in 15 minutes by means of a wadded tampon all over again warm, and then cold water. Having mixed 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 dessertspoon of a lemon juice, receive a mask for a fat leather. It put on a leather of the person for 15-20 minutes.

As always, in the beginning of spring the majority of women decide to get on a a diet . Certainly the desire creditable, however the majority of them in aspiration to dump is as much as possible kgs, suppose a number of mistakes which can cost it of health. Naturally everyone wishes to reach the maximal result for minimal time, on - to it of 55 % growing thin, prefer the express train - diets?