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Fashionable manicure of a season spring summer 2010

The well-groomed hands, one of bargaining chips of the modern woman. And if you on - to the present watch a fashion for certain know, that the manicure is one of components of ideally image! What manicure on peak of popularity in a season spring - summer 2010? We Shall talk about it today!

1. The form

As well as in a make-up, the main trend in manicure of a season spring - summer 2010 - naturalness. That is, it is necessary to forget about the long increased nails and their intricate forms in the form of. In a fashion natural nails of the natural, rounded off form.

Stylists recommend to prefer to the form of a nail plate, it not only is fashionable, but also is very womanly and is gentle. The most stylish nails of this season - rounded off, but not oval, and with a hint on a square.

If the nature has not awarded you with the beautiful form of nails, stylists of nail service recommend to use substitutes, with their help it is possible to reach as much as possible natural result.

As to are long nails, then the main motto - moderation. Extreme it is long has left in the nonexistence, slightly supporting a small pillow of a finger nails, here a hit of a new season.

The tendency to reduction of length of nails was outlined in the last season, and this spring nails of the big length have finally got out of fashion. According to stylists: the length of nails in this season is better for selecting so that to feel comfortably in any situation Beauty salon. Knowingly the majority of the Hollywood beauties prefer a classical aesthetics of short nails of not striking shades in this spring. And they know what is fashionable, is not that so?

2. Color scale

Corporal and beige colors - favorites of a new season, it is natural they should get and in нейл - the art a fashion. The constrained beige shades ideally suitable to color of your leather are looked very delicately, naturally and at the same time is fresh.

Wish to be as much as possible fashionable this spring? Prefer green color! Experts predict to green color in a present season absolute triumph. And the shade not so is important, you can choose brightly - emerald, or пастельно-olive, but is better to be reserved at once by all color scale!


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