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Fashionable make-up of a season spring summer 2010

Not looking at that in the street on former the snow lays, and temperature behind a window it is far not spring, ideas about forthcoming warm деньках heat soul. In this connection we suggest you to get acquainted with fashionable tendencies in a make-up of a season spring - summer 2010 that with approach of the present spring!

Natural beauty

As well as in the last season, on peak of popularity there is a natural make-up. - former the given make-up means an ideal, equal and healthy leather, the absence of visible decorative cosmetics natural, but precisely issued eyebrowes. However naturalness in a spring-and-summer season began more gentle - to become a voice-frequency cream easier and is more transparent, the leather gets internally a luminescence. Unlike the last season, in a make-up the natural, easy lip glosser and even gentle, slightly appreciable blush is supposed not only matte lipstick as much as possible approached to color of a leather and practically not appreciable on the person, but also.

As, in a new season, in a natural make-up appear solar нотки. So on displays Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Anna Sui for мейк - апа models it has been chosen золотисто - the bronze scale simulating easy sunburn. Thus the make-up has been executed as much as possible delicately so, that persons of models looked is fresh and it is natural.

Accent on lips

One more trend which has passed from the last season - red lipstick. In a season spring - summer 2010 red lipstick for a make-up of models have chosen Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Prada. If you consider, that red color does not approach you, visagistes suggest to replace it with any cold shade, from crimson up to violet. Thus to put lipstick follows thin, even an appearing through layer - as it was on дефиле Alberta Ferretti and Nina Ricci. Remember, the make-up spring - summer 2010 does not suffer any aggression, on - to it is better, for a make-up of lips to choose matte lipsticks.

If you are the fan of a lip glosser, in the evening day use of varnish shine of a juicy berry shade what was chosen by visagistes Louis Vuitton is supposed Beauty salon.

If you have decided to emphasize on eyes, forget about red and any other bright lipstick. The bright make-up of eyes in this season, assumes either absence of lipstick or imitation of its absence: lipstick in color of lips, matte lipstick as much as possible approached to color of your leather, or the colorless shine put on well-groomed and powdered lips.


Cosmeticians for a long time have come to conclusion, that it is better to morning washings by the chlorinated water to prefer wiping of the person by slices of a cosmetic ice. Speak, that so empress Ekaterina II, till an old age kept a smooth leather and a fresh complexion acted.

At a normal leather the simple honey mask when honey is put on preliminary cleared leather of the person, in a steam bath will approach. Wash off a mask in 15 minutes by means of a wadded tampon all over again warm, and then cold water. Having mixed 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 dessertspoon of a lemon juice, receive a mask for a fat leather. It put on a leather of the person for 15-20 minutes.

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