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The main mistakes of spring growing thin

As always, in the beginning of spring the majority of women decide to get on a a diet. Certainly the desire creditable, however the majority of them in aspiration to dump is as much as possible kgs, suppose a number of mistakes which can cost it of health.

Naturally everyone wishes to reach the maximal result for minimal time, on - to it of 55 % growing thin, prefer the express train - diets. Will agree, to dump superfluous kgs of all for 3-5 days, very attractive idea! However choosing this way, women forget, that spring very complex period for an organism. At this particular time year chronic diseases, the avitaminosis develops, the weariness collects, there is a stress. And in a compartment with a radical diet when the organism weakened for a winter ceases to receive elements necessary for it, the situation becomes aggravated and eventually, all it can lead to very pitiable result. At last, the kgs dumped quickly as quickly come back, worsening your mood and lowering a self-estimation.

Remember, the general recommendations on growing thin cannot be, to you the doctor the dietician can make an ideal diet only. However there is a number of mistakes which suppose growing thin from year to year. Knowing them, you can secure yourselves and keep the health.

Mistake №1. A minimum of calories

In the spring when your immunity is weakened, and depression waits for the moment to overtake you, starvation not the best output from a situation.

The American dieticians have come to conclusion, that low-calorie diets are good only when excess weight is really significant. If you reproach yourselves with superfluous 2-3 kgs and 1 sm on a waist, it not your case. At an active way of life, playing sports, frequent walks on fresh air, superfluous kgs will leave quickly and without serious consequences. And here translation of an organism into a low-calorie ration will bring many troubles, among which not only loss of muscular weight, deterioration of mood and decrease in working capacity, but also presenilation, depression and even problems with health.

Experts recommend to calculate the personal day time norm of calories by means of the special formula. It looks so:

Weight (kg) х 10 + 6,25 х Growth (sm) - 5 х Age () - 161 = in the calories, necessary for you in day

Thus it is necessary to consider, that the received norm is true only in the event that you do not forget about physical activity.

Mistake №2: Refusal of meat and fats

Many from growing thin, completely refusing fats, forget, that it is very hazardous to health. It is necessary to remember, that except for the harmful sated fats containing in фаст - фуде and other harmful food, there are the useful fats containing in a fish and seafoods.

Dieticians call as to not refuse and meat. For normal ability to live of an organism, use in food meat dishes even one - two once a week. As a garnish to meat experts does not recommend to choose a potato, cabbage or carrots - such combination, in their opinion, stirs to correct digestion of food.

Diversify the diet, having entered in it a fish and seafoods: as we spoke above, in them there are no harmful sated fats, but there are very useful to vessels, leather, hair and nails fat acids Besides during the spring period the use of a fish and seafoods helps to cope with weariness and raises working capacity due to favorable influence on a brain.

To not reproach itself with the eaten piece, choose correct, not too fat fish. In a pike perch, a cod, a river carp, a pollack and the maintenance of fat in 2 times is less, than in favourite by many mackerels or a salmon.

Remember, the balanced diet of the active, working woman should consist of 50 % of carbohydrates, 30 % of fats and 20 % of fibers.

Mistake №3: do not trust advertising slogans!

Many of us, seeing on a food stuffs treasured word-combinations - fitness-a feed, organic meal, био - the product and т.д, there and then sends it in a consumer basket. And whether costs?

Unfortunately, we do not think at all that actually stands up for this beautiful name. So, for example, favourite by many fitness-батончики which on assurances of manufacturers help to keep an ideal figure, can become the reason of a set of excess weight. How?, - you ask. And it is very simple, these a miracle - have been thought up for those who actively types muscular weight, they consist of specially picked up quantity of fibers and carbohydrates so one such would replace the whole dinner. It means, that if you will eat one such fitness - that, not having lead some hours per sports - a hall, can forget about other food on all the day. Will agree, for the usual person it is hardly possible, and besides it is completely not useful.

One more - popular among growing thin a product, it. However how to be spoken in one known advertising: Not all are equally useful. On the present those are useful only, on which label - from integral grain or from a flour of a rough grinding. So, grain bread yet does not mean, that it is made from flours, that it would be so, on a label, before each kind of a flour, should stand integral.

Well and at last, the most important error is alive yoghurts. Remember, so-called alive yoghurts simply not can be stored more weeks and furthermore to contain slices of fresh fruit - they are simply incompatible with the sour-milk environment. Yoghurts on which label there is an information about containing in them are useful - them should be not less 10000000KOE/g.

Mistake №4: Vegetables and fruit in any quantity

Much to our regret, vegetables and fruit which lay on shelfs of the majority of shops today, cannot fill need of our organism for vitamins and microcells. According to last researches, during transportation a cold season, fruit and vegetables lose up to 90 % of useful substances! On - to it to win a spring avitaminosis without special polyvitaminic complexes, alas, it will not be possible.

By the way, in opinion of the dieticians, the frozen vegetables even are more useful, than fresh. At correct process frosts and not broken conditions of storage in the frozen vegetables and fruit it is kept about 70 % of vitamins and nutrients!

The erroneous opinion consists and that fruit and vegetables are useful in any quantity. Actually, not review that, containing in vegetables and fruit, is very useful, even for it exists daily norm - no more 500г in day.

Dieticians as do not recommend to have supper exclusively vegetables and fruit. Клетчатка long enough is digested, and carbohydrates as are badly acquired by an organism in the evening.

The best supper for the borrowed, active people, in opinion of experts - albuminous. Cottage cheese, yoghurt, and even a slice of low-fat boiled meat will go only on advantage to the person who is leading an active way of life and falling asleep not less than in 2-3 hours after reception of food.

Mistake №5: Trainings up to the seventh sweat

Certainly, physical activity it is very good. But, in the beginning of spring we especially often test apathy, drowsiness and a breakdown Beauty salon. It that in March in our organism passes complex process of reorganization, on - to it it is not necessary to reproach itself with laziness and to force to run in the mornings or to rise at some o'clock earlier, to visit sports - a hall. Not only that in itself already is the reason of excess weight, but also causes hormonal infringements.
So remember, in the spring, necessity to get enough sleep is especially important, 8 hour dream should become not exception, and a rule even if for this purpose something will have to offer.

But, it does not mean, that it is necessary to forget about physical activity. Is better, during the spring period to choose that kind of fitness which the pleasure gives to you. It is not necessary to be engaged than that of under a stick. Besides, in opinion of experts, the person which is engaged in loadings of average intensity but is regular, improves the body much more quickly, than the one who chooses for itself excessive loadings.

As, fitness-trainers advise to not forget about such important factor, as time of trainings. If you an owl, do not force itself, rising and blindly and going on training in 7 mornings.
Remember, the main rule for achievement of positive result, to live in harmony with the organism!


nutritious masks
After clarification, it is necessary to feed up our leather vitamin. For this purpose, besides use of nutritious creams for a leather, it is very good to apply special nutritious masks to the person. We shall prepare for them independently, on the basis of tasty and useful products, and we shall and put them three times a week.

Clears a leather of the person of any type, protects from drying, does its soft, elastic, elastic washing by means of vegetable oil. Moisten a wadded tampon in hot water, wring out, then dip it into oil. Oil can be any: olive, sunflower, corn, peach. Wipe this tampon a leather of the person and a neck. In 1-2 minutes oil remove the wadded tampon moistened in broth of grasses, tea, or the boiled water mixed half-and-half with any fruit juice.

The most dangerous food stuffs. It is necessary to eat what products with care? The American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has made the list of the most risky products at which use it is necessary to hold " an ear in sharp ".