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The most dangerous food stuffs

It is necessary to eat what products with care? The American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has made the list of the most risky products at which use it is necessary to hold " an ear in sharp ".

1. Street fastfood

To track preparation of each hot dog or shaurma it is practically impossible.

Townspeople continue to eat her about stations of the underground and at stations, despite of admonitions of doctors.

Also continue to be poisoned. from a poor-quality pie in this case it is impossible.

The unique safety measure - simply to not buy not sealed meal, prepared it is not known whom and anybody, besides, unchecked.

2. Canned food

Owing to new food technologies disease by a botulism presently - a greater rarity. However вздутые, holey or even dirty banks all the same should guard you.

As in usual warehouses, instead of canned food are stored in freezing chambers, in case of packings they become the ideal environment for bacteria.

Besides there is an error as if canned food can be stored though years 20.

At all is not present: average term of their suitability - 18 months, maximal - 5 years (more often at meat) then contents even ideally tight are better for throwing out banks.

3. Seafoods

Various molluscs are especially dangerous - them submit to a table almost raw, so potentially rich every possible.

However, the crude fish too represents danger.. Safe it is possible to consider only that, that it has been prepared at temperature not less than 65 degrees.

Though it does not mean, that fans of a land should refuse the Japanese dishes immediately.

In the majority of restaurants of a land prepare from the defrozen fish, and low temperatures kill an infection the same as high.

So the basic group of risk those who eat leave, and it either fishermen, or the tourists visiting the exotic countries.

4. A bird

All the set forth above safety rules and to preparation of fowl. The hen sealed in polyethylene packing, it is possible to defreeze under a jet of water, but at all hot.

The crude meat will be warmer, the it becomes more attractive to bacteria.

5. Meat

And again temperature processing. Only it can guarantee, that in meat which you are going to send for the table, nobody has lodged.

The minimal temperature of preparation of a beef and pork makes 70-75 degrees.

One more important safety measure - correct. Meat cannot be left in a bowl as mistresses like to do it, on midday.

For its this time any parasites will have time to choose. If is not present with special function, one day prior to cooking it is necessary to lay out meat from a freezer in a refrigerator.

Also to cope with a possible infection spices - pepper, a bay leaf, zinziber and others will help.

6. Eggs

The healthy adult person can eat eggs, having relied on conscientiousness of our public health services. And here the children's organism, with weaker immunity, can appear is more sensitive to патогенам, which to the adult after what.

So if be going to feed with fried eggs the child, be convinced, as fibers and yolks have reached an abrupt condition.

Such temperature processing guarantees to you safety. Eggs всмятку and the more so crude are better for not giving children.

7. Greens

Have decided to flavour the salad with fennel or щавелем? Be more cautious: on green leaves there can live very quietly an intestinal stick. To wash off an infection it is possible usual water, but in that and a problem, that the bunch of greens not so is easy for washing out from different directions.

So do not regret time and wash greens especially carefully. The best way - to rinse a bunch in capacity with water, and then in addition to wash leaves, wiping their hands in Beauty salon.

8. A peanut

In the past to year the present peanut scandal has burst in America. 9 person have died, still nearby 700 have got in hospital after have eaten the peanut oil infected by a salmonella.

After investigation it was found out, that poisoned can be and other products in which preparation it was used a peanut.

And this everything, beginning from chocolate paste and печений and finishing, porridges of fast preparation and other ready breakfasts



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