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Nutritious masks for the person

After clarification, it is necessary to feed up our leather vitamin. For this purpose, besides use of nutritious creams for a leather, it is very good to apply special nutritious masks to the person. We shall prepare for them independently, on the basis of tasty and useful products, and we shall and put them three times a week. For crushing and mixing of the components which are a part of a mask, we recommend to use a blender.

Perhaps, one of the most effective masks for a sensitive and shelled leather are nutritious masks on the basis of an egg yolk. The yolk contains set of substances useful to a leather, such as lecithin, cholesterol, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and others.

For preparation of a mask it is necessary to mix properly 1 yolk with. An olive oil and to add it is a little lemon juice. Other variant - 1 yolk and 1 ст.л. An olive oil to mix with Honey. The mask is put on 20 minutes, will help to restore the broken fatty exchange, will make a leather of more elastic.

If your leather possesses the raised sensitivity, reddened or exposed to the wind, the potato mask will help. from a potato издревна applied to treatment of burns, экземы. Mix a boiled potato with milk and a yolk, and put on the person for 15-20 minutes in Beauty salon. After such mask the leather becomes elastic, smooth and gentle, disappear морщинки.

Well tone up and soften a leather barmy masks. The three-week rate of such masks will give fine result. Dissolve 20 г yeast with warm milk up to a consistence of sour cream, wait occurrences of the first and put on the person for 15 minutes.


natural cosmetics
If at you the open times, a fat or dry leather, hypostases, wrinkles, pigmentary spots, freckles, dark circles under eyes and if you wish to improve a condition of the leather, Unique natural cosmetics natural cosmetics for any types of a leather, will help you with it. After that your leather becomes pure, gentle, fresh. The cosmetics will suspend ageing your leather.

At a normal leather the simple honey mask when honey is put on preliminary cleared leather of the person, in a steam bath will approach. Wash off a mask in 15 minutes by means of a wadded tampon all over again warm, and then cold water. Having mixed 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 dessertspoon of a lemon juice, receive a mask for a fat leather. It put on a leather of the person for 15-20 minutes.

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