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At a normal leather the simple honey mask when honey is put on preliminary cleared leather of the person, in a steam bath will approach. Wash off a mask in 15 minutes by means of a wadded tampon all over again warm, and then cold water.

Having mixed 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 dessertspoon of a lemon juice, receive a mask for a fat leather. It put on a leather of the person for 15-20 minutes.
To prepare for a honey mask for a dry leather, it is necessary to pound up to white color 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 yolk and 1 table spoon. The mix is put on the person and a neck for 20 minutes. Wash off a mask warm water, and then rinse the person cooled настоем roses. (for preparation настоя leaves of two buds of a rose fill in with a glass of abrupt boiled water, in 3 hours filter, and then cool in a refrigerator.)
At a dry wrinkled leather do a mask, mixing 2 teaspoons of honey, the table spoon of very strong tea, 2 table spoons and 1-2 table spoons of water. The received weight well pound and warm up in a steam bath Beauty salon. The mix is put па the person by a thick layer, then the person cover with a paper napkin and a towel (do not forget to leave an aperture for normal breath).
The mask is useful to a withering leather from a mix of honey, vegetable oil, juice of a mountain ash (on one teaspoon) and a yolk. The mix is carefully pounded and put on the person and a neck for 15-20 minutes. Before a mask it is necessary to make a steam tray or a compress of broth lindens.
Fine pulling together action the mask consisting of the table spoon of honey renders, 2 table spoons of a flour and the shaken up egg white. The mask especially is recommended for a growing old leather. It put on the person a wadded tampon. Having allowed to dry up to one layer, put following (only 3-4 layers). In 20-30 minutes a mask wash off all over again warm, and then cold water. Remember: it is possible to do this mask on a thicket, than 1 time in 10 days.


For humidifying and mitigation of a dry leather well was recommended with a mask from an oats: weld 2 items of the spoon in milk before reception dense, cool, add 1 teaspoon of honey. It is necessary to put a mask on the person warm and to hold about 20 minutes.

Rehrevf, owing to the medical properties - anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it is used in preparation of masks for the person, basically at reddenings on the person. Rehrevf possesses expressed effect, promotes fast healing of wounds, scars, improves a complexion. Strong antiseptics, - removes an itch and irritations of a leather. Rehrevf in masks use for treatment of inflammatory processes on a leather of the person, smoothing of fine wrinkles, healing, maintenance of inflow of blood.

summer 2010
Not looking at that in the street on former the snow lays, and temperature behind a window it is far not spring, ideas about forthcoming warm days heat soul. In this connection we suggest you to get acquainted with fashionable tendencies in a make-up of a season spring - summer 2010 that with approach of the present spring!