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How to make a mask?

     For this purpose the various auxiliary material is necessary: or flat, firm enough brush, , deep, small color towels (with white it is difficult to deduce spots), a gauze, the wadded tampons, cut by squares, a glass of warm water, a pocket mirror. All this is good for having on a little table put near to an ottoman. The greater pillow will be necessary also. When you, having imposed on the person a mask, will lay down on an ottoman, enclose it under legs.

     Juicy, well washed up, not worm-eaten and very fresh fruits wipe through. If they firm, as for example, cucumbers or apples they should be grated, and turned out кашицу to shift in a bowl.
     There are two ways of drawing. The first consists in it by means of a brush an equal layer on a surface of the person and a neck. It is more convenient, especially when a mask do independently, not using the help of the adult daughter or the girlfriend. The second consists that fruit smear on the sterile gauze, equal to a surface of the person, and then this gauze put on a leather, certainly inside Beauty salon. Before application of this fruit compress it is necessary to put the tampons moistened in rather weak tea on eyes.
     With a mask on the person and a neck it is necessary to lay easy 20-30 minutes. Try. At all do not smoke! The window in a room should be opened. In half an hour remove tampons from, and then wash up the person warm water, too using tampons, but already from cotton wool. Cautiously having drained a leather, hammer under eyes a nutritious cream. In the nearest 2-3 hours if it is possible, try to not powder the person and to not impose a make-up that the leather could have a rest properly. Such procedures, carried out each 5 days or once a week, freshen a leather, than the chemical cosmetic means used better and more quickly and is plentiful within all winter.


Cosmeticians for a long time have come to conclusion, that it is better to morning washings by the chlorinated water to prefer wiping of the person by slices of a cosmetic ice. Speak, that so empress Ekaterina II, till an old age kept a smooth leather and a fresh complexion acted.

Clears a leather of the person of any type, protects from drying, does its soft, elastic, elastic washing by means of vegetable oil. Moisten a wadded tampon in hot water, wring out, then dip it into oil. Oil can be any: olive, sunflower, corn, peach. Wipe this tampon a leather of the person and a neck. In 1-2 minutes oil remove the wadded tampon moistened in broth of grasses, tea, or the boiled water mixed half-and-half with any fruit juice.

The most dangerous food stuffs. It is necessary to eat what products with care? The American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has made the list of the most risky products at which use it is necessary to hold " an ear in sharp ".